Reviews of Whispers on the Ocean

What an amazing book. Enlightening, disturbing, and well written. Left me wanting more info.
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Although a sad true life story of the holocaust that the native Americans endured by the hands of government. It is a well written book that I think everyone should read.
I have finished reading and found myself with tears down my face. A beautifully written book. I am full of sadness at the devastation that was caused by such ignorance that the government thought they had the right to do this to our people, thank the creator that they never had a chance to get at our family!
...Thank you for opening my eyes.
Sometimes a book comes along that changes how you see the world, opens your eyes and changes your heart. This is a beautifully crafted book, not only in writing, but in telling a part of our Canadian history.
After only read the first 6 chapters I couldn't wait to get back to it. The way the story is written, as sad as it is, makes it hard to put down. From what I already know about this subject, while the book is fiction, the story rings true to the real events that happened in Residential Schools in Canada.
Whispers on the Ocean is written with heart. It dives into a dark topic but is delivered with respect and the integrity of the writer shines through. The author sets out to educate and stir the emotions but she also has this story unfold in a way that you feel the characters and want to read on.